A Sordid Collection of Snidely Cartoons...
Each cartoon opens in a pop-up window.  File size and image dimensions are indicated in parentheses.

B & W images
Aggie Calculator
(19KB; 640x480)
Artistic Inspiration
(26KB; 600x600)
Attention Span
(50KB; 600x250)
Beer Gut Cream
(62KB; 480x450)
Chiropractic Business
(28KB; 300x400)
Fulfilling Work...
(13KB; 300x400)
Carl Sagans
(113KB; 640x480)
Did you know...?
(39KB; 300x400)
Faster Fifi! C'mon!
(32KB; 300x400)
Group Therapy: May I Suggest
(32KB; 500x400)
Human Puzzle: Missing Pieces
(24KB; 675x600)
Insightful Comments
(28KB; 300x400)
Manic Depressive Tours, Inc.
(45KB; 750x600)
Marriage Counseling
(47KB; 350x350)
Meteor Shower
(58KB; 494x600)
B & W images
Mexican Gas Chamber
(27KB; 480x425)
Obstruction of Justice
(101KB; 800x600)
One of Your Students
(26KB; 800x550)
Peg-Leg & Peg-Head
(46KB; 300x400)
Pharmaceutical Quackery
(13KB; 300x400)
Road to Knowledge
(25KB; 648x480)
Rockfest Capital City Tour
(18KB; 300x400)
Thesis + Antithesis
(18KB; 300x400)
Tommy Taxpayer
(20KB; 350x400)
Use People...
(66KB; 480x480)
Visualize Success
(99KB; 800x260)
Wireless Network
(105KB; 450x600)
Your Baby's Safety
(21KB; 300x400)
Your Mother and I Thought...
(19KB; 480x480)
Your Problem, Sir...
(37KB; 300x480)
Color images
Appeal Trial
(314KB; 640x400)
Taxpayer Bailout
(279KB; 580x420)
Centaur Consternation
(120KB; 360x500)
Dysfunctional Bear
(115KB; 450x600)
You're Going to Die
(137KB; 320x480)
Hedge Fund
(305KB; 644x292)
I'm bored. Let's go...
(183KB; 800x555)
It's Not Worth It...
(193KB; 520x280)
Lucky Human Hand
(130KB; 360x500)
My Boss is so Dumb
(125KB; 800x344)
One $%&@#! Thing
(109KB; 450x600)
'Tis an Easy Foe?
(89KB; 450x600)
Tough Love
(491KB; 800x360)
Trial Period is Over!
(109KB; 500x600)
(143KB; 300x375)

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