Here's a short collection of jokes for those
with a similarly demented sense of humor.

What did Mr. Spock find in James T. Kirk's toilet?
 The Captain's log.
What does the acronym NASA actually stand for?
 Need Another Seven Astronauts
What were Nicole Brown-Simpson's last words to O.J.?
 Yeah, I'm doin' the waiter, what are you going
       to do about it?

What were Robert Wagner's last words to Natalie Wood?
 Go ahead and have another drink, but just don't
       go overboard.
What is a pretty girl in Oklahoma known as?
 A tourist.
What does it take for a thirteen year-old Arkansas girl to remain a virgin?
 She needs to be able to outrun all of her older
       male relatives.
Why can't driver's ed and sex ed be taught during the same part of the year in the Arab speaking parts of the world?
 So much stress would endanger the camels...
Did you hear about the blonde who moved from Hamburg, Germany just because she was tired of being referred to as a Hamburger?
 She now resides in Frankfurt.
What do you name a girl with one leg shorter than the other?
What do you name the same girl if she's Japanese?
How did Helen Keller's parents punish her when she misbehaved?
 They would rearrange the furniture.
And what did they do when she was really bad?
 They would leave the plunger in the toilet.
"Endless love" refers to what phenomenon?
 Two blind people trying to play tennis.
What should you do if an epileptic has a seizure in your bathtub?
 Hurry up and throw in the laundry.
Why are so many research scientists switching from the use of experimental lab rats to lawyers?
 So their staff won't get so attached to them.
 Because some things even a rat won't do.
What's a downside to using lawyers instead of rats?
 The study results tend to be less reliable when
       extrapolated to a human population.
How do you tell the scene of an accident where a dog was run over from where a lawyer was hit?
 Skid marks are only present where the dog has
       been run down.
What makes the following sounds: "Ha, ha," thud?
 Somebody laughing their head off.
How do you make God laugh?
 Explain your plans for the future.

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