Once upon a time, there was a little sparrow who hated to fly south every year.  He dreaded the thought of leaving his home so much, that he delayed this year's journey until the last day.  After bidding his friends farewell, he went back to the nest and stayed for another four weeks!

     Finally, the weather turned so bitterly cold, he could delay no longer.  As he took off and started south, it began to rain.   Soon ice began to form on his little wings, and he was starting to freeze.  Almost dead from the cold and exhaustion, he fell to earth in a barnyard.  As he was about to breathe his very last breath, a horse walked out of the barn and proceeded to cover the little bird with manure.

     At first the poor, little sparrow could think of nothing but what a terrible way to die this was.  But as manure began to sink into his feathers and warm him, life began to return to his body.  He became so happy that he started to sing.  And then a large cat came into the barnyard, hearing the little sparrow's chirping.  The cat began to dig into the pile of manure to find where the sound was coming from.  Finally, the cat uncovered the little bird and ate him...

1.  Not everyone who dumps on you is your enemy.
2.  Not everyone who takes s#*% off you is your friend.
3.  When you are warm and comfortable, even if it is in a pile of excrement,
      it probably pays to keep your mouth shut!!!

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