Statue of Liberty (photo link: live Statue of Liberty camshot)
A Road Less Traveled
     The road ahead is a mosaic of the works of others who have inspired me for numerous years.   No one traverses life unscathed and in the words of those who traveled the human path before us and chose to leave some account of their journey, i have managed to find a source of solace for which my snidely spirit owes much...

Hawaii Flag (animated link) Hey, eeeeee-nuff already!
Let the Journey Begin
Texas Flag (animated link)

WebAddict (link: Travel to Nerdville)

Dude!  Life's too serious as it is -- i surely don't need none of yo' stinkin' cynical and jaded, philosophical psycho-babble to mess me mind more than 'tis already.  So spare me your pretentious pontification, and send me to some COMIC RELIEF, to something salacious, to something quite cool, or to something downright weird...

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