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  • Here's a nifty trick for putting an icon on your task bar which with
    a single click will SHUT DOWN the computer...
    1. right-click on the desktop
    2. move your mouse-cursor to select/activate the New option on the pop-up menu
    3. left-click the Shortcut option on the side menu (under the Folder option)
    4. type C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindows in the Command line: dialogue box (of the Create shortcut window)
    5. left-click the [Next>] button (of the Create shortcut window)
    6. type SHUTDOWN (or any appropriate word/phrase) in the Select a name for the shortcut: dialogue box (of the Select a Title for the Program window)
    7. left-click the [Finish] button (of the Select a Title for the Program window)
    8. right-click on the newly created icon (on the desktop)
    9. left-click the Properties option on the pop-up menu
    10. left-click the [Change icon...] button (of the Properties window)
    11. Browse/navigate (as needed) to locate and select an appropriate icon of your choice
    12. left-click the [OK] button (of the Change Icon window)
    13. left-click the [OK] button (of the Properties window)
    14. drag & drop the SHUTDOWN (shortcut) icon to the taskbar
    Want an "appropriate icon?" Click here to download a Stop Sign icon (filename: STOP.ico.zip), or try one of the following:

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